Saturday 10 March 2018

New Category Introduced - One Peak Explorer

February 01, 2018 at 12:33 PM

OnePeak Explorer resize.jpg 

We are delighted to announce the launch of a NEW category - the ONE PEAK EXPLORER!

15 kms of glorious countryside and impressive views!

Catering for individuals who would prefer something a little less daunting and intense than the full 3 peaks - this is an ideal opportunity to still explore gorgeous, rugged private land, and be part of the fun atmosphere of MCL Construction Triple Peaks! Also great for people who can't quite get together a team for a relay entry either.  You can still get involved and be part of the day!

You will start with everyone else at the event village and work your way up the mighty Mt Erin (489 m altitude).  You will then descend down to the Tukituki River, where you will complete your event at the transition point next to the river / Rochfort Rd (off Kahuranaki Rd).  Note that you will have to cross the river!  You will be greeted by a friendly volunteer who will take down your details, and give you a big hug!  :-)

This 1 leg course is approx 15kms.  You can choose to WALK, RUN OR MTB.

** This is intended as a fun, non-competitive category - and a special introduction for people who have never embarked on an event of this nature!  Please note that if you enter this category you will NOT be eligible for the 30th anniversary giveaways at the finish line or placegetter medals.  You will also not receive a timing transponder, but will be timed via manual processes instead.  Hence the very reasonable entry fee!

You will still be eligible for spot prizes at prizegiving.

We ask that all entrants in the One Peak Explorer, please organise for a friend or family member to meet you at your finish, by the Tukituki River.  However, in case this isn't possible for some people, we are delighted to be able to offer you a complimentary mini-bus service back to Havelock North village, thanks to the very generous folks at the Havelock North Club.  There are however limited seats, so we can't guarantee a spot for everyone.

Proceeds from your entry will still be going towards Te Mata Park Trust.

Entries for the One Peak Explorer are $30 before 23 Feb, and after 23 Feb, a $10 late entry fee will be incurred - so will cost $40.

Please note that NUMBERS ARE CAPPED TO 100 INDIVIDUALS for the One Peak Explorer.  This is due to space limitations at the start line, and also at the transition point at Tukituki Road.

**PLUS - it is our intention to do a different peak each year for the One Peak Explorer.  So, in 2019 it will be Mt Kahuranaki (weather dependent) and in 2020, it will be Te Mata Peak - so you could still CONQUER all 3 Peaks (but it will just be over a 3 year period! :-) 

Any questions, don't hesitate to contact the event organisers, Emma and Ricko.