Saturday 9 March 2019

Our Circle of Trust

Events can only happen with the incredible support of local businesses, landowners and community groups. These guys have got our back!  

Please support them whenever you can... 

Our Sponsors.  Absolute Legends.

Principal Sponsor

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Funding Partners

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GOLD Sponsors

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SILVER Sponsors

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Bronze Sponsors

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And don't forget about our incredible team of LANDOWNERS! 

Without access to this pocket of paradise in the heart of Hawke's Bay, we would literally have no event.  A huge thank you to the very generous landowners who entrust us with access to their land.  You guys rock!

Supporting Te Mata Park

We all love Te Mata Peak.  Whether you're a runner, walker or biker, our treasured park is a place of great significance to so many people.  

And when you enter MCL Construction TRIPLE PEAKS, the proceeds from your event entry will go straight back to the land on which we race!  Profits from the 2018 event will go towards building and maintaining trails in the Park, for all to enjoy.

A bit of background...

Us locals in Hawke's Bay know that the Peak is a pretty special place. 

But, if you're from out of town - be prepared to be blown away.  You're in for a treat - Te Mata Peak is truly spectacular!  The views towards Mt Erin and Mt Kahuranaki are incredible...

Gifted in perpetuity to the community in 1927 and managed by a small group of volunteers and the community, the 99 hectare Park is a recreational, historical and cultural treasure.
Standing 399 metres above the Heretaunga Plains, Te Mata Peak is a spectacular visual marvel and also an integral part of Hawke’s Bay history; Maori and European. Enjoyed by over 200,000 people annually, the Park offers visitors stunning and varied scenery, unique topography, geology, flora and fauna and a wide range of recreational activities.
We are delighted that MCL Construction TRIPLE PEAKS 2018 is supporting such a valuable asset in the heart of Hawke's Bay.  




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