Race Regulations

  1. The official race number must be worn on the front of your tee (or handle bars for mountain bikers) and visible throughout the race. Cable ties will be provided to bikers, and safety pins for runners/walkers.
  2. Any withdrawals during the event must be notified to the marshal at the nearest transition point and a representative of the team or individual that has withdrawn must also let the race officials know at the finish line.
  3. Competitors who have not reached the transition at Matangi Road by 12:00pm will be withdrawn from the race and may not continue after this time.
  4. To enable us to run this event we have sought permission from a number of local landowners. It is important that we treat the land that we pass through with respect. To this end we ask competitors to carry their own rubbish and for support crews to be conscious of keeping the transition areas as they find them. Anyone seen dropping rubbish on the course will be disqualified.
  5. You must stay on the marked course. You are not permitted to deviate from the tracks, and must not tamper with gates/fences or other items that belong to the landowners. It is very important that we treat the land with respect.
  6. Bikers must wear an approved cycling helmet throughout the race. Bikes, particularly brakes should be in good working order. We strongly recommend you have your bike checked out at Revolution Bikes on Donnelly Street in Havelock North 06 877 8477 or your local bike shop before the race.
  7. Bikers must complete each leg on the same bike.
  8. No smoking on the course.
  9. No fires permitted.
  10. Supporters are not permitted on to the course at any stage. They are permitted to be present at the transition point on Matangi Road.
  11. Disqualification of any team competitor disqualifies the whole team.
  12. Competitors must be present at prize giving to claim their spot prizes. No exceptions.
  13. Participants aged 15 years and younger need to get prior approval from the organisers in writing before competing. The TRIPLE PEAKS management team are willing to give permission to youth 15 years and younger to participate. Our team will look at this case by case and consider if the participant has the required maturity and physical ability to take part in the leg or legs of the race that they a registered. When we do give permission for participation for younger participants to take part there is an onus on parents and/or guardians/caregivers to ensure that the competitor is well prepared and supported as they take on the challenge. Those under 15 are required to fill in this form - Download HERE
  14. All competitors and support crew must adhere to safety requirements and rules.
  15. All roads are classed as open at all times. Obey all road rules.
  16. Directions of race officials must be followed.
  17. All transitions must be completed within the transition area.
  18. In a case of disqualification you may choose to continue and have race times recorded and have the right to make a protest at the completion of the race.
  19. Disputes must be presented in writing to the Race Director before 4:00pm race day. The decision of the Race Director will be final.
  20. Strictly no pets allowed on course on the day of the race.
  21. Timing devices must be returned at the Finish Line. A fee will be charged for timing devices not returned.
  22. The timing for the event is run by SuperVision Sports with and uses RFID ankle timing tags for both individuals and teams.
  23. Anyone who has registered to do the event and is caught training on the private land on the course prior to the event will be disqualified, with no race refund.
  24. By registering for this event, you are accepting that this event does involve element of risk.