2018 Event - What a Corker

Sep 28, 2018

Organisers of MCL Triple Peaks 2018 are ''over the moon.'' As first time managers of this iconic event, Event Directors Emma Buttle and Richard Mills, say ''All the hard work was worth it."

"It was very satisfying to see 770 people enjoy a beautiful adventure in the heart of Hawke's Bay. The feedback we have received since the event has been overwhelming positive," comments Ms. Buttle.

Being the 30th Anniversary of Triple Peaks, event organisers introduced a few special new features, including a bottle of Giant Beer at the finish line, a new category the ''One Peak Explorer'', entertainment on the course, plus an incredible line up of great prizes.

"Our sponsors pulled out all the stops for this year. We were blown away by the quality of prizes donated by our local sponsoring businesses.''

Mr. Mills is quick to note that the event was also a big boost for the local community, being a fundraiser for Te Mata Park. "Thanks to the huge number of entries for this event, we will be able to donate $10,000 to Te Mata Park Trust. This money will go towards new trails, and hopefully some new land for the Park."

Whilst the weather was dismal and wet leading up to event day, the day itself was perfect. "We were very fortunate," comments Ms. Buttle. ''The temperature was ideal, and the sun shone for most of the day. The competitors even got to enjoy a rainbow from the top of Mt Erin."

"We are looking forward to 2019, and look forward to including Mt Kahuranaki next time,'' adds Mr. Mills. ''We received great feedback about this year's Plan B course, but we can't wait to introduce our new tracks on Kahuranaki, which we think everyone will really enjoy."

Thank you to all competitors, volunteers and sponsors for your outstanding support of the 2018 event. A special mention to our naming rights sponsor, MCL, who really were outstanding in every aspect of their support.

For the event photos, go to our Facebook page: CLICK HERE

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