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Sep 28, 2018

Registration 5.00pm - 7.30pm on Friday 9 March Porter's Hotel courtyard on Te Aute Road, in Havelock North Every team / solo must have someone present to collect their race packs and number plates. If you are not able to attend, you must organise a representative to attend in your absence. Note 1: Competitors (or their representatives) who do NOT attend registration will not be able to compete. Note 2: Transponders will be collected on the Saturday morning from the start line. Please arrive in good time to ensure you can do this. Bring your race number to the timing tent, and collect your transponder from there. Remember only 1 transponder per team, so only the Mt Erin leg 1 team members need to collect the transponder. No transponders for One Peak Explorer entrants. Note 3: Merchandise will be available for collection at registration.

Briefing 7.00pm on Friday 9 March Porter's Hotel courtyard on Te Aute Road, in Havelock North Note that the Volunteer's Briefing will take place immediately after the Competitor's Briefing.

Event Start Time 8.30am on Saturday 10 March - for ALL competitors Te Aute Road, outside Porter's Hotel in Havelock North (in the village centre) Mountain bikes at the front, runners in the middle and walkers in the back. It will be a controlled start. We will be following a traffic management vehicle in to the Havelock hills. You will also finish in this location (unless you are a One Peak Explorer or in a team).

Car Parking A designated Triple Peaks competitors car park is available on Martin Place - only a 5-10 mins walk from the Event Village. Please park here (it is free of charge). You may recognise one of the car parking marshalls...he is pretty famous in these parts! See Car Park directions and map HERE. Note 1: It is essential that you do not park in the village centre. The car parking here is for limited duration (60 minutes etc), and you may be fined if you choose to park in those locations. Note 2: If you can be dropped off at the event village, that would be even better!

Course Maps Please click HERE for Course Maps. You must remain on the course at all times. No wandering. If you open a gate, you must also SHUT that gate. No exceptions. Please respect the fact that we are on private land, and the landowners have been very gracious in permitting us access. The course is clearly marked with bright red arrows and tape. Respect all flora and fauna, and keep away from stock. And please do NOT litter!

Transition Point The transition point is located on Rochfort Road, off Kahuranaki Road. This is approx a 20 minutes drive from Havelock North. Please click HERE for a map and directions. This is the location for BOTH transitions - i.e. the handover from legs 1 to 2, and legs 2 to 3.

River crossing All solo entrants will cross the Tukituki River twice (in the same location). For team entries, those doing legs 1 and 3 will be crossing the river. Those doing leg 2 will keep their feet dry! Lifeguards from the local Surf Club will be onhand to assist with the river crossing.
Note 1: If we have to revert to Plan B, due to high water flow, nobody will be crossing the river! See below for the contingency plan.

Aid Stations Water will be available at the top of each Peak. The Salvation Army will also be present at transition with a 1200 litre water container. Apples will be provided as well, thanks to Turners & Growers. Please use this water as back-up only. We encourage you to take sufficient supplies for yourself.

Safety and Medics We take your safety seriously, and have systems in place to ensure you are well looked after on the course. A doctor will be located at the top of each Peak, with a bike - and they familiar with the lay of the land. If you require medical attention, please talk to the nearest marshal, who will refer to you the event director and doctor. If you are competing and see someone who is injured, please be considerate, and stop to assist. Please exercise common sense, and look after each other.

  • Please make sure you use (and take ) sunscreen.
  • Take sufficient water and nutrition for yourself. Do not drink water from the river.
  • Be mindful that the roads are open, and you must, at all times, listen to and obey the marshal's instructions.
  • Holes and uneven ground. In some places, there is a risk of twisting an ankle or riding in to a pothole. Particular care should be taken on uneven ground.
  • Wear appropriate clothing and be prepared for a change in weather.

Timing chips Your transponders (which you will collect on the Sat morning, by showing your race number) are your baton, and must be passed between team mates. Obviously if you are solo, you don't need to worry about this. It is important to ensure ALL timing chips are handed in at the finish of the race.

Cut-off Time There will be a cutoff time at the base of Te Mata Peak - before the ascent. This will be approx 8 hrs. If a competitor does not reach Te Mata Peak by this time, they will be diverted directly to the Village via Tainui Reserve, without ascending the Peak (i.e. a short cut). This is at Event Director's discretion.

Bag Drop
For solo competitors there will be a bag drop, which will be located at Matangi Road, before the start of the climb up Te Mata Peak. Please talk to us at registration if you would like to use this service.

Withdrawals If you withdraw from the event due to injury or sheer exhaustion - please advise the nearest marshal. This is essential, so we don't send out a search party!

Event Village Entertainment You can enjoy a real lively buzz at the event village! Lots of entertainment, including live footage from the race on a HUGE LED screen. Also a kid's bike skills area (from 11.30 - 2.00) thanks to iWay - or adults could have a go on the array of unusual bikes on display. Plus face painting from 11.30 - 1.30. And, a massage tent thanks to Najalu Massage, plus other stalls.

Complimentary Beer

Every finisher over the age of 18 will receive a complimentary bottle of Giant Beer (locally brewed!). If you do not wish to take the beer, you are most welcome to have an alternative non alcoholic drink instead. You MUST bring your race number to the Giant tent in order to receive a complimentary beer. Strictly 1 beer per competitor. If you wish to purchase additional beer, we recommend you visit the Porter's Courtyard where they sell Giant beer. Note 1: Only finishers over the age of 18 will be permitted a beer, and it must be consumed within the designated licensed area at the event village. Note 2: We urge everyone to drink responsibly and ensure you are also well hydrated / nourished with food before consuming. Finish line Every finisher will receive a 30th anniversary keepsake. There will also be Hammer Nutrition water and light snacks available at the finish, as well as first aid and a massage tent. If you wish to purchase any food, we encourage you to visit one of the local outstanding cafes, including Bay Espresso, Jackson's Bakery, Cobahna, amongst others. Malo Restaurant are also offering a special Triple Peaks lunch menu and espresso cart.

Prize Giving 5.30pm on Saturday 10 March Event Village, outside Porter's Hotel in Havelock North. Note 1: This is a tarmac area with limited grass. You may wish to bring a picnic blanket or low deck chairs. Note 2: Prize giving will last for approx 45 minutes - 1 hr.

Spot prizes! To be eligible for a spot prize, you MUST be at prize giving. Including a Cube AIM hardtail bike from Revolution Bikes, a $1700 Heat Pump from Active Refrigeration, a night's stay in Porter's Hotel, some gifts packs valued at $200 from Weleda, Loading Ramp vouchers, Peak Fitness product and membership, Best Travel gift pack inc Moet and a $100 travel voucher, Gift Hampers from Havelock North Business Association, Ledlenser Headlamps, Leatherman Wingmans, Movie Vouchers for Reading Cinemas, Pipi Pizza Vouchers, MTB Skills clinics vouchers, Prinsy's Guided Tours vouchers, Arataki Honey, Gannet Beach Adventure passes, Milton Andrews hair salon vouchers, and the list goes on.....and on.....(what a generous sponsor family we have!)

One Peak Explorer One Peak Explorer entrants are to complete Mt Erin ONLY (the first leg). You will start with all others, on Saturday morning at 8.30am. You will be crossing the river, at the Rochfort Road transition point (off Kahuranaki Road) - unless we have to revert to Plan B (see below). Click HERE for directions. Upon finishing your 15 kms course, please go direct to the tent by the river, and advise the marshal that you have finished. This is essential! Note 1: We encourage you to organise a friend or family member to collect you from Rochfort Road (20 mins drive from Havelock North). There will be a complimentary mini-bus but it is only for those who are unable to organise transport (e.g. those from out of town) and is on a first in-first served basis. Note 2: One Peak Explorer entrants do NOT need to collect a transponder on the Saturday morning. You will be subject to manual timing. You will have a race plate number, and you must also attend briefing / registration on the Friday night.

Plan B - Contingency! We are aware that some rain is forecast for this upcoming week. We will keep a close eye on the river levels and forecast, and will advise if there is likely to be a change in plans. The contingency plan will be ready to go should we be unable to cross the Tukituki River. Plan B is to go up and down Mt Erin twice on 4 different routes. Really fun tracks, and brand new terrain - never used before. Following the descent to the Tukituki River, from Mt Erin, we would then proceed on the western side of the river to Te Mata Peak. This is where transition 2 would be located. Up the Peak, then back to the village as per plan A. The Plan B first transition point (for leg 1 to leg 2 team members) would be located on the southeast side of Mt Erin, in a large paddock (off Middle Road). The second transition point (for leg 2 to leg 3) would be located at Matangi Road cattle yards. The Plan B course is closer to 47 / 48 kms in distance. We will advise further regarding this. Your safety is our priority, and we won't cross the river if it's looking remotely risky. Here's hoping the forecast changes! Media There will be photographers on the course, as well as a drone, thanks to Wayne and Josh from Photographic. You will be able to view the images after the event. Stu and Milton from More Than Media will also be doing live footage on the event, and streaming it on to our Facebook page and on to the big screen in the village. Remember to SMILE!

Most importantly - remember to HAVE FUN!

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