Training Guide Week 5

Feb 11, 2019

The countdown is well and truly on now, and you should be well immersed in your training routine.

It sounds obvious – but make sure that you train on the right type of terrain.

Check out the details and vertical climbs in the descriptions below. You will not be ready if you go out and train on flat road. So train on the type of terrain you will be racing on 70 to 80% of the time, if possible, obviously you can’t simulate the exact course if you live in a flat area but you might find some tricky trails and do heaps of hill repeats… you get the picture. Leg 1: MT ERIN Depart Havelock North Village Green, and be guided through the streets of Havelock North until reaching the hills. Then it's all go! Passing through historic Kopanga Station, competitors will then enjoy a steady climb to the top of Mt Erin (489 m), and then a fast, fun descent to the Tukituki River, at Rochfort Road. Lots of 4WD tracks and gravel / grass terrain. Some steep sections. (TOTAL ELEVATION GAIN 597 m) Leg 2: MT KAHURANAKI Gently climb up from the Tukituki River transition, across farmland (a brand new route, never done before). Upon reaching the access road to Mt Kahuranaki, participants will head up to the 646m trig via new, 4WD tracks, where they will then enjoy a fun, fast descent back (on a different route to the uphill track) back down to the Tukituki River to cross at the same point as transition 1. (TOTAL ELEVATION GAIN 848 m) Leg 3: TE MATA PEAK Start at the Tukituki River crossing, and then traverse beautiful farmland on the western side of the Tukituki. Upon reaching the base of Te Mata Peak, competitors will ascend to the 399m trig along beautiful single track, and then weave their way back down to the Village through Tainui Reserve and Keith Sands Grove, enjoying impressive views, beautiful native forest and fun trails along the way. (TOTAL ELEVATION GAIN 579 m) Remember that Mt Erin and Mt Kahuranaki are on private land, so please do not attempt to train on those peaks. Te Mata Peak is the ideal training location.

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