Training Guide Week 6

Feb 11, 2019

Good Nutrition is VITAL!

Less than 6 weeks to go until MCL Construction TRIPLE PEAKS – time is rolling on!

Every single athlete is different with regards to nutrition, and that is why it is crucial that you ‘’train eating’’ during your runs and rides. It is essential that you test out the right foods for your particular stomach. A great start is to get your daily nutrition right and then it is easier to look after race day nutrition.

Cut the C.R.A.P. The Standard Diet is C.R.A.P. – Carbs, Refined Foods, Additives and Preservatives. How much C.R.A.P. is in your diet? If this poor excuse for
food makes up more than 20% of your diet, then you need to cut back. Are more than 2 out of 10 foods going into your mouth C.R.A.P. foods? – see the list below. Removing these poor choices from your diet will help reduce dietary stress on your body. • Carbohydrates White bread, white flour, white sugar • Refined foods 
 Packeted food vs closer to the source eg. Eating an apple vs a bottle of apple juice Additives Read your packets. How many items are listed? Less is better! • Preservatives
 Read your packets. Are there ingredients that you don’t recognise? Chemicals and numbers are not food Paul Chek’s book entitled How to Eat, Move and be Healthy is a great resource for more information. Apply above to race day as well. In an ideal world fuel on natural foods that aren’t full of chemicals. We love things like potatoes, kumara, pumpkin soup if we have access to them. We also make our own energy balls which are made of good nutrients like chia seeds, coconut, honey, rolled oats etc. The key is test- test- test in training and never try something new on race day.

Check out Hammer Nutrition on for some specific race day plans.

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